Viking RoarViking Roar
Torch BearerTorch Bearer
Essential Viking EquipmentEssential Viking Equipment
Galley Photo 2017Galley Photo 2017
Vikings on Da StreetVikings on Da Street
Very Peerie VikingsVery Peerie Vikings
Up Helly Aa 2017 Jarl and SquadUp Helly Aa 2017 Jarl and Squad
Dawn of Up Helly Aa 2017Dawn of Up Helly Aa 2017
Up Helly Aa Window DisplayUp Helly Aa Window Display
Up Helly Aa Grand SpectacleUp Helly Aa Grand Spectacle
Fireworks FinaleFireworks Finale
Raven BannerRaven Banner
Encircling the GalleyEncircling the Galley
Lerwick by TorchlightLerwick by Torchlight
Up Helly Aa Procession 2016Up Helly Aa Procession 2016
Vikings of all AgesVikings of all Ages
Up Helly Aa Galley 2016Up Helly Aa Galley 2016
View of the GalleyView of the Galley
2016 Guizer Jarl2016 Guizer Jarl
Up Helly Aa 2016 Morning MarchUp Helly Aa 2016 Morning March
Up Helly Aa 2016 BillUp Helly Aa 2016 Bill
Lerwick at 6amLerwick at 6am
By Flash and FirelightBy Flash and Firelight
Throwing in the Torches - Delting Up Helly AaThrowing in the Torches - Delting Up Helly Aa
Happy GuizerHappy Guizer
Delting Up Helly Aa ProcessionDelting Up Helly Aa Procession
Delting Up Helly Aa Guizer Jarl 2015Delting Up Helly Aa Guizer Jarl 2015
Vikings Waiting for the Light-upVikings Waiting for the Light-up
SMUHA PhotographerSMUHA Photographer
SMUHA Galley on the WavesSMUHA Galley on the Waves
Mobile GuizerMobile Guizer
SMUHA 2015 Jarl SquadSMUHA 2015 Jarl Squad
Raven Banner Beneath the StarsRaven Banner Beneath the Stars
Pick out the PenguinPick out the Penguin
Up Helly Aa Burning Ring of FireUp Helly Aa Burning Ring of Fire
Throwing in the Torches 2015Throwing in the Torches 2015
Up Helly Aa Galley 2015Up Helly Aa Galley 2015
Bathed in FirelightBathed in Firelight
Vikings Ready for ActionVikings Ready for Action
Guizer Jarl 2015Guizer Jarl 2015
Up Helly Aa 2015Up Helly Aa 2015
Scalloway Fire Festival 2015 - Smoke and ReflectionsScalloway Fire Festival 2015 - Smoke and Reflections
Shared InterestsShared Interests
SMUHA Dragon on the TideSMUHA Dragon on the Tide
SMUHA Three CheersSMUHA Three Cheers
SMUHA VikingsSMUHA Vikings
SMUHA at Gulberwick BeachSMUHA at Gulberwick Beach
Congo Warrior AflameCongo Warrior Aflame
Viking WarriorsViking Warriors
Alternative Turning MovementAlternative Turning Movement
Guizer Jarl and the BillGuizer Jarl and the Bill
Jarl Squad 2014Jarl Squad 2014
Dragon InfernoDragon Inferno
Up Helly Aa PhotosUp Helly Aa Photos
World's Best Torchlit ProcessionWorld's Best Torchlit Procession
Up Helly Aa ‘GV’Up Helly Aa ‘GV’
A Fiery EndA Fiery End
Dragon FireDragon Fire
Guizer Jarl and his GalleyGuizer Jarl and his Galley
Marching to the Town HallMarching to the Town Hall
Up Helly Aa 2013Up Helly Aa 2013
Grand FinaleGrand Finale
Air Guitar Viking StyleAir Guitar Viking Style
Edinburgh Torchlit ProcessionEdinburgh Torchlit Procession
A Very Happy Honorary GuizerA Very Happy Honorary Guizer
Gold Post BoxGold Post Box
Lerwick Town Hall 7:36amLerwick Town Hall 7:36am
Enjoy Yourself!Enjoy Yourself!
Round the Dragon ShipRound the Dragon Ship
In the GalleyIn the Galley
Guizer Jarl 2012Guizer Jarl 2012
Nintendo VikingsNintendo Vikings
Alternative Galley PhotoAlternative Galley Photo
Freedom of the TownFreedom of the Town
The Up Helly Aa BillThe Up Helly Aa Bill
Marching through LerwickMarching through Lerwick
Final TouchesFinal Touches
Peerie VikingsPeerie Vikings
Viking ArmourViking Armour
Many HandsMany Hands
Making HelmetsMaking Helmets
Painting the GalleyPainting the Galley
Making the Galley HeadMaking the Galley Head
Jarl Squad & Galley 2012Jarl Squad & Galley 2012
Up Helly Aa 2012: Mass MeetingUp Helly Aa 2012: Mass Meeting
Winter Fire!Winter Fire!
Press GangPress Gang
To The Halls (Two)To The Halls (Two)
Flying TorchesFlying Torches
To The HallsTo The Halls
Three CheersThree Cheers
Fancy Headgear Fancy Headgear
Floats the Raven Banner O'er UsFloats the Raven Banner O'er Us
iPhone VikingiPhone Viking
Shetland VikingsShetland Vikings
Junior Up Helly Aa Light-UpJunior Up Helly Aa Light-Up
Guizer Jarl 2011Guizer Jarl 2011
Up Helly AaUp Helly Aa
Hamefarin Viking ProcessionHamefarin Viking Procession
Guizer JarlGuizer Jarl
Fire LightFire Light
Norseman’s HomeNorseman’s Home
Throwing in the TorchesThrowing in the Torches
Final Rites of Avie-JaneFinal Rites of Avie-Jane
Bearded BeautiesBearded Beauties
The Light UpThe Light Up
Viking MarchViking March
Junior Guizer Jarl 2010Junior Guizer Jarl 2010
Up Helly Aa 2010Up Helly Aa 2010
Guizer JarlGuizer Jarl
The Galley SongThe Galley Song
Junior Up Helly AaJunior Up Helly Aa
Up Helly Aa 2008Up Helly Aa 2008