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Bird Photos

Storm Scorie Storm Scorie Storm Scarf II Storm Scarf II Storm Scarf Storm Scarf Waxwing 2023 Waxwing 2023 Knot at the Seashore Knot at the Seashore Scories at Sunset Scories at Sunset Gull Chick Gull Chick Scarf and Chicks Scarf and Chicks Scarf Nest Scarf Nest Scarf Portrait Scarf Portrait Scarf Skerry Scarf Skerry Scorie Head Scorie Head Mobbed Rough-legged Buzzard Mobbed Rough-legged Buzzard Rough-legged Buzzard in Flight Rough-legged Buzzard in Flight Long-tailed Duck with Catch Long-tailed Duck with Catch Goosander Goosander November Storm III November Storm III Wren Song Wren Song Greylag Flyby Greylag Flyby Soaring Maalie II Soaring Maalie II Western Bonelli’s Warbler Western Bonelli’s Warbler Wood Sandpiper Wood Sandpiper Surprised Sillock II Surprised Sillock II Shalders Above the Waves Shalders Above the Waves Spoot Hunter Spoot Hunter Guillemot Rock III Guillemot Rock III Korrp-korrp Korrp-korrp Wave Surfing Wave Surfing Granite Sea Stacks Granite Sea Stacks Call of the Sea Call of the Sea Crossbill II Crossbill II Pallas’s Warbler II Pallas’s Warbler II Maalie Pair Maalie Pair Tirrick at Minn Tirrick at Minn Dunter Ducklings Dunter Ducklings Two Shalders Two Shalders Gulberwick Tirrick Gulberwick Tirrick Hill Sheep II Hill Sheep II Wild Geese Wild Geese Sea Power Sea Power Flying through the Storm Flying through the Storm Shalders Shalders Gull in Storm Gull in Storm Chiffchaff with Prey Chiffchaff with Prey Colourful Winter Visitor Colourful Winter Visitor Snow Bunting II Snow Bunting II Puffin Pair II Puffin Pair II Golden Puffin Golden Puffin West Voe of Sumburgh West Voe of Sumburgh Starling with Feather Starling with Feather Storm Force Storm Force Raging Sea Raging Sea Iceland Gull Iceland Gull Soaring through the Storm Soaring through the Storm Colourful Grey Wagtail Colourful Grey Wagtail Siberian Chiffchaff Siberian Chiffchaff Swainson’s Thrush Swainson’s Thrush Puffin with Sandeels Puffin with Sandeels Guillemot Rock II Guillemot Rock II Bluethroat II Bluethroat II April Puffin April Puffin Singing Rock Pipit Singing Rock Pipit Redshank Rock Redshank Rock Floats the Raven Floats the Raven Sea Sprayed Gulls Sea Sprayed Gulls Pied Wheatear Pied Wheatear Goldcrest (2) Goldcrest (2) Puffin Photo Opportunity II Puffin Photo Opportunity II Rock Pipit in Summer Rock Pipit in Summer Guillemot Rock Guillemot Rock Bonxie in Flight Bonxie in Flight Riven Noup Silhouette Riven Noup Silhouette Red-breasted Merganser with Catch Red-breasted Merganser with Catch Maalies Maalies Whooper Swans on Spiggie Loch Whooper Swans on Spiggie Loch Whooper Swan Riding Waves Whooper Swan Riding Waves November Twite November Twite Blackbird Blackbird Lat be for lat be Lat be for lat be Nonchalant Scarf Nonchalant Scarf Gulls above the Waves Gulls above the Waves Migrating South Migrating South Soaring Maalie Soaring Maalie Golden Plover Golden Plover Iridescent Starling (Fair Isle Bling) Iridescent Starling (Fair Isle Bling) Change of Weather Change of Weather Greenland Wheatear Greenland Wheatear Goose Graphic Goose Graphic Migration over the North Atlantic Migration over the North Atlantic Solan Flypast Solan Flypast Dunlin Flock Dunlin Flock Sanderling in the Spray Sanderling in the Spray Knot Take Off Knot Take Off Juvenile Arctic Tern Juvenile Arctic Tern Puffin Photo Opportunity Puffin Photo Opportunity Gulls in the Sunset Gulls in the Sunset Red-breasted Flycatcher Red-breasted Flycatcher Red-backed Shrike Red-backed Shrike Caspian Stonechat Caspian Stonechat Tirrick on da Waves Tirrick on da Waves Sparrow Nest Building Sparrow Nest Building Fulmar in Flight Fulmar in Flight Gulls Over Waves Gulls Over Waves Haigrie among da Tang Haigrie among da Tang Snowball: Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll Snowball: Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll Hairst Twite Hairst Twite Waders Waders Shalder with Limpet Shalder with Limpet Arctic Skua Arctic Skua Woodchat Shrike Woodchat Shrike Tirrick Sunset Tirrick Sunset Long-tailed Duck Riding the Surf Long-tailed Duck Riding the Surf Sanderling at the Beach Sanderling at the Beach Purple Sandpiper Feeding Purple Sandpiper Feeding Robbie Cuddie Robbie Cuddie Mute Swan Mute Swan Pine Grosbeak Pine Grosbeak Black Redstart Black Redstart Drookled Craa Drookled Craa Hume’s Warbler Hume’s Warbler November Wheatear November Wheatear Little Bunting Little Bunting Yellow-browed Warbler Yellow-browed Warbler Juvenile Ringed Plover Juvenile Ringed Plover Knot Knot Shoormal Sanderling Shoormal Sanderling Bar-tailed Godwit Bar-tailed Godwit Waves of Wings Waves of Wings Haigrie with Eel Haigrie with Eel Storm Petrel Storm Petrel Surprised Sillock Surprised Sillock The Goose That Got Away The Goose That Got Away Long-tailed Skua Long-tailed Skua Tirricks Nesting Tirricks Nesting Eider Ducklings Eider Ducklings Puffin Pair Puffin Pair Puffin at Noss Puffin at Noss Shetland Yacht Shetland Yacht Tirrick Pair Tirrick Pair Puffin View Puffin View Curlew Curlew Tirrick Feeding Tirrick Feeding Maalie in Flight Maalie in Flight Shetland Starling (3) Shetland Starling (3) Pigeon in Flight (2) Pigeon in Flight (2) Fulmar Fulmar Long-tailed Duck Long-tailed Duck Rainbow Gull Rainbow Gull Red-breasted Merganser (2) Red-breasted Merganser (2) Seagull in the Wind Seagull in the Wind Watch Out Behind You Watch Out Behind You Waxwing Waxwing Bird of Prey Bird of Prey Gateway Gateway Chiffchaff (2) Chiffchaff (2) Migrants in da Kale Yard Migrants in da Kale Yard Buff-bellied Pipit Buff-bellied Pipit Lapland Bunting Lapland Bunting Buff-breasted Sandpiper Buff-breasted Sandpiper Willow Warbler Willow Warbler Migrants Migrants Bonxie Bonxie Autumn Evening Autumn Evening Gannet and Chick Gannet and Chick Black Guillemot Black Guillemot Sanderling on the Beach Sanderling on the Beach Papagaaiduiker Papagaaiduiker In the Summer Grass In the Summer Grass “In a sudden ray o sunlicht” “In a sudden ray o sunlicht” Scarfs Scarfs Barn Swallow Barn Swallow Kergord Rook Kergord Rook Peaceful Evening II Peaceful Evening II Dunters in da Voe Dunters in da Voe Grey Gös Grey Gös Calloos Calloos Redshank Wading Redshank Wading Shetland Starling (2) Shetland Starling (2) Eider Eating Mussel (Anyone got a Rennie?) Eider Eating Mussel (Anyone got a Rennie?) Do Gulls Get Frostbite? Do Gulls Get Frostbite? Snow Bunting Snow Bunting Mallard on Ice Mallard on Ice Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll (2) Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll (2) Female Blackcap Female Blackcap Goldcrest Goldcrest Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll Robin Robin Puffin Mystery Puffin Mystery Turnstone Turnstone Curlew in Flight Curlew in Flight Fighting Blue Tits Fighting Blue Tits Duckling Feast Duckling Feast Tirrick Reflections Tirrick Reflections Bullfinch Bullfinch Tirrick (6) Tirrick (6) Parus major Parus major Grey Wagtail Grey Wagtail Grainy Geese Grainy Geese Rock Pipit Rock Pipit Christmas Star(fish) Christmas Star(fish) Christmas Splash Christmas Splash Meadow Pipit Meadow Pipit Fast Landing Fast Landing Melodious Warbler Melodious Warbler Dunlin (2) Dunlin (2) Sanderlings in Flight Sanderlings in Flight Two-barred Crossbill Two-barred Crossbill Shetland Wren at Sumburgh Head Shetland Wren at Sumburgh Head Crossbill Crossbill Twite (2) Twite (2) Smyril Smyril Sanderling Sanderling Tirrick in Lerwick Harbour Tirrick in Lerwick Harbour Juvenile Shetland Wren Juvenile Shetland Wren Noss Gannet Colony Noss Gannet Colony Red-necked Phalarope Red-necked Phalarope Pigeon Training (II) Pigeon Training (II) Reed Bunting Reed Bunting Rock Cook Wrasse Rock Cook Wrasse Great Northern Diver Great Northern Diver Polka Dot Puffin Polka Dot Puffin Wheatear with Prey Wheatear with Prey Snipe Snipe Duckling Parade Duckling Parade Troglodytes troglodytes fridariensis Troglodytes troglodytes fridariensis Wheatear (2) Wheatear (2) Puffin Landing Puffin Landing Spotted Flycatcher Spotted Flycatcher Bluethroat Bluethroat Chiffchaff Chiffchaff Northern Wheatear Northern Wheatear Twite Twite Tirricks are Back Tirricks are Back Dunlin Dunlin Nest Building Nest Building Wood Warbler Wood Warbler Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Merganser Dunters Dunters Collared Dove Collared Dove Pigeon in Flight Pigeon in Flight Redshank Redshank Whooper Swans Whooper Swans Haigrie Haigrie Shetland Starling Shetland Starling Whooper Swan Whooper Swan Pheasant Surprise Pheasant Surprise Pallas’s Warbler Pallas’s Warbler Sumburgh Head Puffins (2) Sumburgh Head Puffins (2) SU06 Kintore SU06 Kintore Turbine Trouble Turbine Trouble The Harris Hawk The Harris Hawk Eye of the... Pigeon? Eye of the... Pigeon? Into the Sunrise Into the Sunrise Sumburgh Head Puffins Sumburgh Head Puffins Sandpiper Group on Da Rocks Sandpiper Group on Da Rocks Shetland Lapwing Shetland Lapwing King Penguin King Penguin Skimming the Waves Skimming the Waves Two Pipers in Flight Two Pipers in Flight Purple Sandpiper in Flight Purple Sandpiper in Flight Shetland Wren Shetland Wren Three Birds Three Birds Puffins Puffins Shalder Shalder Tirrick Feeding Young Tirrick Feeding Young Tirrick In Flight (2) Tirrick In Flight (2) Tirrick in Flight (Arctic Tern) Tirrick in Flight (Arctic Tern) Pigeon Training Pigeon Training