David Gifford Photography
At Gulberwick Beach At Gulberwick Beach Drystane Dyke Drystane Dyke Two Shalders Two Shalders Gulberwick Geology Gulberwick Geology Don’t Fence Me In Don’t Fence Me In Mid-summer Sea Pinks Mid-summer Sea Pinks Gulberwick Tirrick Gulberwick Tirrick Epic Sheep Photo Epic Sheep Photo Glimna Geo Glimna Geo Wheels of Time II Wheels of Time II Sea of Yellow Sea of Yellow Gulberwick Kirk IV Gulberwick Kirk IV Curly-Dodie Curly-Dodie Mist in the Hills Mist in the Hills Gulberwick on a Fine Evening Gulberwick on a Fine Evening White Shetland Pony White Shetland Pony Flossy Loch Flossy Loch Sunset through the Lens Sunset through the Lens Hill Sheep II Hill Sheep II Gulberwick Tide Gulberwick Tide Gulberwick Street Photography Gulberwick Street Photography Dandelion Clock Dandelion Clock Gulberwick Kirk III Gulberwick Kirk III Gulberwick Fence Gulberwick Fence Old Technology Old Technology Mucklegarth Mucklegarth Pony on the Hill Pony on the Hill May Snowshower May Snowshower Shetland Spring Snow Shetland Spring Snow Gulberwick Reflections Gulberwick Reflections Black and White Shetland Ponies Black and White Shetland Ponies Gullberuvík Gullberuvík Gulberwick Kirk II Gulberwick Kirk II Low Tide at Gulberwick Low Tide at Gulberwick Gulberwick Kirk Gulberwick Kirk Earl Rögnvald Was Here Earl Rögnvald Was Here Winter View Winter View Shetland (Just Oot Da Window) Shetland (Just Oot Da Window) Silver Skies Silver Skies