David Gifford Photography

Macro Photos

Silverweed Silverweed Dandelion Time Dandelion Time Burra Jewel Burra Jewel Dandelion Clock II Dandelion Clock II Feather Feather Round-leaved Sundew Round-leaved Sundew Milkwort Milkwort Bogbean Bogbean Spring Squill Spring Squill Limpet Territory Limpet Territory Sea Shells i da Ebb Sea Shells i da Ebb Seaweed Seaweed Wylk Wylk Lichen Lichen Painted Lady Butterfly Painted Lady Butterfly Sheep’s-bit Sheep’s-bit Lichen Textures Lichen Textures Lichen, Moss and Heather Lichen, Moss and Heather Ice Crystals amongst Seaweed Ice Crystals amongst Seaweed Cow-Wheat on Ronas Hill Cow-Wheat on Ronas Hill Fair Isle Lace Fair Isle Lace Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast Flaky Paint Flaky Paint Steam Steam Microverse Microverse Dew Dew Peerie Jewels Peerie Jewels Grass Moth Grass Moth Damselfly Damselfly Busy Bees Busy Bees Splash of Colour Splash of Colour Lacewing Lacewing Crackers at Christmas (or ‘Losing Your Marbles’) Crackers at Christmas (or ‘Losing Your Marbles’) Rhododendron Obtusum grex Rhododendron Obtusum grex Peacock Butterfly Peacock Butterfly Yarrell’s Blenny (Chirolophis Ascanii) Yarrell’s Blenny (Chirolophis Ascanii) Happy New Year Happy New Year The Seas Around Us The Seas Around Us Yellow Yellow Eye of the... Pigeon? Eye of the... Pigeon? Constantine the Great Constantine the Great