David Gifford Photography
Shetland Spring Snow Shetland Spring Snow Otter with Butterfish Otter with Butterfish Otter Cubs Otter Cubs Otter Underwater Otter Underwater Otter Family Otter Family Winter Otter Winter Otter Mountain Hare Mountain  Hare Lerwick Otter Lerwick Otter Mountain Hare in the Shetland Landscape Mountain Hare in the Shetland Landscape Playing in the Rain Playing in the Rain Autumn Otter Autumn Otter Otter in the Sun Otter in the Sun Otter Reflection Otter Reflection Mother and Cubs Mother and Cubs Meeting Simon King Meeting Simon King Otter with Velvet Crab Otter with Velvet Crab Wild Shetland Otters Wild Shetland Otters Otter Spraint Otter Spraint Shetland Nature Shetland Nature Otter Watching Otter Watching Sciurus carolinensis Sciurus carolinensis Juicy Scorpion Fish Juicy Scorpion Fish Otter with Rockling Otter with Rockling Bressay Otter Bressay Otter Grey Squirrel at the Botanics Grey Squirrel at the Botanics Stalking the Stag Stalking the Stag Dratsi 4 Dratsi 4 Dratsi 3 Dratsi 3 Dratsi 2 Dratsi 2 Dratsi Dratsi Otter Feast Otter Feast Otter Chilling Out Otter Chilling Out Velvet Crab al fresco Velvet Crab al fresco Playful Otter Playful Otter Lion Lion Yinka Yinka An Otter An Otter