David Gifford Photography
Ready Salted Sheep Ready Salted Sheep Shetland Sea Spray Shetland Sea Spray Spiggie II Spiggie II Fulga Ness Sunburst Fulga Ness Sunburst North Nesting Scene North Nesting Scene Shetland through Pinhole Shetland through Pinhole Eshaness in Infrared Eshaness in Infrared Touby Touby Gulberwick Kirk V Gulberwick Kirk V Don’t Fence Me In Don’t Fence Me In Glimna Geo Glimna Geo Gulberwick Kirk IV Gulberwick Kirk IV Mist in the Hills Mist in the Hills Paet Bank Paet Bank Gulberwick Tide Gulberwick Tide Gulberwick Kirk III Gulberwick Kirk III Mucklegarth Mucklegarth Pony on the Hill Pony on the Hill Black and White Shetland Ponies Black and White Shetland Ponies Silver Sea Silver Sea Wheels of Time Wheels of Time Gulberwick Ram Gulberwick Ram Gulberwick Kirk II Gulberwick Kirk II Rays of Sunlight Rays of Sunlight Tombolo Sihouette Tombolo Sihouette Spring Day at St Ninian's Isle Spring Day at St Ninian's Isle Earl Rognvald Sunlight Earl Rognvald Sunlight Sea Sprayed Sheep Sea Sprayed Sheep Auld Boat Auld Boat Snaa at da Dale o Waas Snaa at da Dale o Waas Da Ness Da Ness Goose Graphic Goose Graphic Shetland Pony Shetland Pony Gerda Sæle Gerda Sæle Aboot Da Banks Aboot Da Banks St Ninian’s Monochrome St Ninian’s Monochrome Silver Skies Silver Skies Weather for Seals Weather for Seals B&W Fireworks B&W Fireworks Kinderdikj Windmills Kinderdikj Windmills Power to the People Power to the People Grainy Geese Grainy Geese Fair Isle Church Fair Isle Church Fair Isle Ram Fair Isle Ram White to Move White to Move The Opera Game The Opera Game Turbine Trouble Turbine Trouble Creels Creels Dark Tide Dark Tide McEwan’s Shillings McEwan’s Shillings On the Road to Nowhere On the Road to Nowhere West Burrafirth Rocks West Burrafirth Rocks Present-Day Utopia Present-Day Utopia Greyfriars Bobby Greyfriars Bobby Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Stormy Cliffs Stormy Cliffs