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Aloft the Galley

Photo: Aloft the Galley

As I’m posting this, Shetland is preparing for the Up Helly Aa festival in Lerwick on Tuesday (30th January 2024). Wishing the Guizer Jarl Richard Moar and his squad all the best for the big day!

I recently put together a selection of photos of Up Helly Aa for a photography feature in Scottish Field magazine January 2024 edition. Whilst doing this, I thought it would be good to post more photos on my website, which I’ve done just now in a series of 13 images from ‘Hot Soup’ onwards. You can also view all Up Helly Aa photos in the Browse section.

Featured in the photo above is Guizer Jarl 2020 Liam Summers surrounded by his squad.

[Up Helly Aa revisited - Image 13 of 13]


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