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Camera Evolution

Photo: Camera Evolution

With some poor weather recently, I’ve been turning my attention to indoor photography. And what better subject than my favourite photographic toys.

On the left is a Kodak Box Brownie - a Six-20 Model C to be precise, dating from 1953-57. Simple and inexpensive, the Box Brownie series of cameras introduced amateur photography to the masses.

Top-right is my Olympus OM-2n, which I bought for a song on ebay. I think the OM-2n models were made from around 1979 to 1987 (but don’t quote me). Compact, rugged and I think brilliantly designed. Unlike rival cameras of the time, the shutter speed dial is around the lens mount and the aperture ring is located at the front of the lens rather than the rear. This means you can adjust the aperture, shutter speed and the focus with your left hand, whilst your right hand can stay ready on the shutter release and wind lever. I haven’t replaced the light seals yet, but have got the required kit, and am looking forward to firing off a roll of black and white film soon. Did I mention that its massive viewfinder is bigger than those on today’s top DSLRS?

Bottom-right is my Canon 40D, sporting a Zeiss 45/2.8 pancake lens via a Contax-EOS adapter. To be honest I find 45mm is an awkward focal length on the APS-C sized 40D - it’ll make more sense once I’ve got my hands on a Canon 5D ;)


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