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Earl Rögnvald Was Here

Photo: Earl Rögnvald Was Here

Gulberwick beach, photographed today under an overcast sky. I've been re-reading a passage in the Orkneyinga Saga, which describes how Earl Rognvald and his two ships, Hjalp and Fifa, were forced ashore at (or nearby) Gulberwick by weather in 1148AD. The Earl sings:

So the nymph of crashing waters
Threw me, joyful, in a rock-rift [...]

Both my ships on beach went crashing;
When the surges swept my men off,
Sore afflicted by the billows
Were the friends of Hjalp and Fífa.
Certainly this misadventure
Of the danger-seeking rovers
Will not soon be quite forgotten
By those who got such a wetting.

(Zeiss CY 28mm/2.8 Distagon)


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