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Edinburgh Uni -v- Spartans

Photo: Edinburgh Uni -v- Spartans

Today was my first photographic assignment for Edinburgh University's student newspaper, the 'Student'. The task was to photograph the East of Scotland League football match between the Edinburgh University Association Football Club first team and the mighty Spartans FC.

The Spartans were originally formed by two former Edinburgh University students for former university footballers. Their constitution now allows "other interested parties" to join, although the Edinburgh University side apparently remains an important feeder team for them. Just last week (Feb 5th) Spartans drew a match against Bell's Scottish Football League Championship First Division leaders St Mirren in the Scottish Cup 4th round - showing just what a good team the Spartans are.

The first half of this match though wasn't anything special (to be fair, behind the lens I wasn't really paying attention to the whole field). The second half though was much more exciting. In particular, there was some great play from star forward Nikolidis (photographed above in Edinburgh Uni's green and blue strip). The Uni team got a deserved goal and held out against a ferocious Spartans attack to secure a valuable 3 points.

From a photographic perspective it was a less successful day. I do have a few photos which should do the job, but I discovered just how difficult sports photography can be - especially with no sun and heavy rain in the 2nd half. But, as every good football manager says after giving an excuse, "no excuses"!


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