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Fair Isle Scenery

Photo: Fair Isle Scenery

A photo showing part of the southern end of Fair Isle. I think it's remarkable that the names of every house, field and feature of the land are known by many visitors to the isle - a result of people wanting to find out and pass on news of wildlife sightings.

To give a few examples, in the foreground next to the road is the Walli Burn. And in the background, peeping out from the mist, is Sheep Rock.

The white house to the left of the photo is the Auld Haa, which was originally the Laird's house. It's now a guesthouse run by Tommy Hyndman.

To give just one example of the many rare birds which have been spotted in the area of this photo, Tommy found a Citril Finch in the garden of the Auld Haa in 2008 - a first for Britain.

(Zuiko OM 50mm/1.8)


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