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Frozen Parliament

Photo: Frozen Parliament

Designed by Catalan architect Enric Miralles, the new Scottish Parliament building was opened by the Queen on 9 October 2004. The final cost of the building was £431 million despite an estimate in a 1997 White Paper that a new building would have a net construction cost of £40 million. This estimate, however, was based on the presumption that the old Royal High School would be used. After the devolution referendum it was decided that the high school was too small and plans were made for a new building on a new site. This has led many politicians to misleadingly claim the final building was "ten times over budget". Miralles' building was in fact costed at £109 million, prior to major increases in space. An inquiry by Lord Fraser blamed the construction management procurement as the main factor in the spiralling cost of the building, valued finally at £270 million but costing around £431 million - an identifiable waste of £181 million. (Details from Wikipedia's article on the Scottish Parliament)


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