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King Harald Olafsson

Photo: King Harald Olafsson

The Guizer Jarl each year chooses to portray a character from Norse history, or from the sagas. The Guizer Jarl for 2024, Richard Moar, chose King Harald Olafsson - a thirteenth century King of Mann and the Isles (the Hebrides and the islands of the Clyde).

There is a family connection, as Richard Moar’s father-in-law, Kenny Crossan, portrayed King Harald’s father-in-law (Haakon IV King of Norway) when Guizer Jarl in 1982.

Apparently a popular and capable leader, Harald was lost at sea off Shetland in the Sumburgh Roost in the autumn of 1248.

Brydon Leslie has a interesting and informative piece on Harald’s story in the Up Helly Aa 2024 programme.

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