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Lerwick Waterfront Panorama

Photo: Lerwick Waterfront Panorama

A new version of the website made live today! The main noticeable change is that the website now responds in size for display on everything from a large desktop down to tablets and mobiles (an overdue upgrade). Amongst other things this gives me more scope to post larger images, such as the above image with its panoramic format.

Behind the scenes it’s all new code. This is the fourth major iteration since I first created the site in 2005. The layout and philosophy remains the same however - keeping it simple with one photo per post, with each having a short description or story. I have some ideas for expanding the site in future, but hope people enjoy viewing the photos in this format.

As for the above photo, it’s taken from the small boat harbour at Victoria pier, looking across the waterfront to the Queen’s Hotel, Da Lodberries and Lerwick Boating Club.


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