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LK243 Sail

Photo: LK243 Sail

I was fortunate to have a trip on the Swan a couple of months ago - this is a photo of the mast and sail with the well-known (in Shetland) registration LK243.

"Built at Hay's Dock [Lerwick] in 1900 as a herring drifter, the Swan now operates as a sail training and private charter vessel during the summer months and provides interesting cruises for each season."

It was a lot of fun hauling on ropes to lift heavy masts / sails, and generally learning how a sailing boat works - lots of teamwork needed. Undoubtedly a great experience for young sail trainees taking part in Sail Training Shetland, as well as any group of folk (eg. clubs and businesses) for team building.

For more on the Swan, its history and its trips see The Swan Trust website.


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