David Gifford Photography

Norseman’s Home

Photo: Norseman’s Home

After the torches are thrown in, the Guizers sing the Norseman’s Home – an emotive song marking the culmination of this part of the festivities.

The Norseman's home in days gone by
Was on the rolling sea,
And there his pennon did defy
The foe of Normandy.
Then let us ne'er forget the race,
Who bravely fought and died,
Who never filled a craven's grave,
But ruled the foaming tide.

The noble spirits, bold and free
Too narrow was their land,
They roved the wide expansive sea,
And quelled the Norman band.
Then let us all in harmony,
Give honour to the brave
The noble, hardy, northern men,
Who ruled the stormy wave.


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