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North Light, Fair Isle

Photo: North Light, Fair Isle

An opportunistic photo, taken whilst looking for a Honey Buzzard which had been seen flying to the north end of Fair Isle. The atmospheric conditions tempted me to bring out the wide-angle lens and photograph the North Lighthouse. Fortunately did get to see the Honey Buzzard a little later, at a bit of distance whilst the bird was mobbed by Bonxies.

The North Light, built in 1892, is another lighthouse engineered by the famous Stevenson family. My Grandad spent some time here, and at Fair Isle's South Light, as a lighthouse keeper in 1942. This was after air attacks on both lighthouses; four people having been killed at the South Light.

I seem to have been visiting a few lighthouses recently, and was a guest at the official opening today by Princess Anne of the renovated Sumburgh Head Lighthouse. Congratulations to the Shetland Amenity Trust on a great job with the restoration and creating a really first-class visitor centre and self-catering accommodation.


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