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Otter Watching

Photo: Otter Watching

Today I had my best otter watching experience to date, having met up with Brydon Thomason (operator of Shetland Nature) for an afternoon of otter photography. Thanks to Brydon’s expertise we saw six otters in three hours, an hour of which was spent watching the two playful cubs photographed above.

The weather was bitterly cold with the first signs of snow this winter. With warm camouflage clothing (you can just about make out Brydon in the photo above) we didn’t notice the temperature too much.

If you’re coming to Shetland to look for otters you’re best to hire a guide like Brydon. The combination of otter expertise and detailed local knowledge is invaluable for spotting these elusive animals. Hiring a guide can also help ensure that if you’re looking for a closer view or taking photos, you do so without disturbing the shy otters.

I can thoroughly recommend Brydon’s tours and holidays – see https://www.shetlandnature.net  He also has an otter watching blog at https://shetlandotterwatching.blogspot.com


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