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Photographing Shetland

Photo: Photographing Shetland

One of my secondary cameras, a Canon EOS R, on the West Voe beach at Sumburgh. Released in 2018, the model was Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera, introducing the EOS R system. I like it for its lightweight body (good for hiking), articulating screen (useful for photographing flowers from awkward angles), electronic shutter option (avoiding vibration for microscopy), decent sensor and viewfinder, and the excellent compatibility with my Canon EF lenses via an adapter. I think it was slightly underrated by reviewers at the time, but now feels like a prototype from Canon for their new generation of cameras. In particular, it lacks in-body image stabilisation and a physical joystick control, and misses out on the first-class autofocus and frame rates found in Canon’s latest models. A useful camera for the meantime nonetheless.

Photograph above photographed on my iPhone.


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