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Press Gang

Photo: Press Gang

The last of my Up Helly Aa 2011 photos for now - a collage of some of the many photographers at Up Helly Aa.

Top marks to John Coutts (top-middle) for his colourful toorie, and to Craig Sim (bottom, second from left) for using a cherry picker to get the best view of the morning!

Congratulations to tourism boss Andy Steven (top-right) on organising the Up Helly Aa webcam, which was a great success - watched live by thousands of people around the world on Shetland.org. Also for catching the camera when it fell over!

Ivan Hawick (bottom-left), Billy Fox (bottom, second from right) and Ben Mullay (bottom-right) complete this all Canon line-up.

A shout also for Andrew Shearer and his brother Kenneth Shearer. And to Dave Donaldson, for surreptitiously using his flash to blind Ivan before the Junior light-up :) - that's a 'dark-side' Nikon user for you!

Some great photos taken.


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