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Primeval Insects in Shetland!

Photo: Primeval Insects in Shetland!

Common Blue Damselflies photographed this summer in a loch in the north mainland of Shetland. Think it’s brilliant how these exotic, brightly coloured insects can be found in Shetland. As described on Nature in Shetland, “Damselflies are amongst the oldest of the insect orders having flown around the primeval forests with the dinosaurs”.

Posting this as part of ‘#challengeonnaturephotography’ on my personal Facebook profile (I’ve chosen not to create a Facebook page for my photography so far) after being nominated by three top wildlife photographers - Rebecca Nason (Rebecca Nason Photography), Robbie Brookes (Robbie’s Northern Exposures) and Brydon Thomason (Shetland Nature / Shetland Nature Photography).


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