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Seat of Power

Photo: Seat of Power

Inspired by the photo 'Under the north pier' by Chromasia I've been experimenting with High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. HDRs composite several exposures to create a single image to which tonal mapping can be applied. The result is areas of local contrast within the photo rather than a uniform contrast across the image. HDRs are often quite surreal although similar techniques can create natural results.

The photo is of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh - taken from the Salisbury Crags, near Arthur's seat. The white dome to the left is the Dynamic Earth visitor attraction and overlooking the scene is Calton Hill, upon which sits the National Monument (a folly built between 1822-26 as a memorial to those killed in the Napoleonic Wars, styled on the Parthenon in Athens) and Nelson's Monument (a 106 ft high tower built shortly after Nelson's death at the Battle of Trafalgar).


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