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Shetland Bliss

Photo: Shetland Bliss

The world's most viewed photo is reportedly the Windows XP background image 'Bliss', photographed in Califronia by former National Geographic photographer Charles O'Rear (view the photo on wikipedia). The famous desktop image came to mind when I noticed a bright green grassy hill below blue sky at Quendale, Shetland, this weekend, and I thought to create the above homage.

Windows XP has had a long and successful life since its release in 2001. However, Microsoft ended support and updates for XP earlier this year, along with Internet Explorer 8. Unfortunately I'm still coming across both too often. XP and IE8 are badly out of date, and it's recommended that anyone still running them upgrade so as to keep their PC protected against security risks and viruses - here's a link to a statement from Microsoft about the end of Windows XP Support.

Which modern operating system to upgrade to is a matter for a longer blog post! At the time of writing I use Mac OS X, Windows 7, and various Linux distros, and appreciate there's 'horses for courses'. For web browsers, I usually recommend Mozilla Firefox as I find it fast, easy to update, and it has the advantage of being free and open-source.


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