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Shetland Sheep Wool Colours

Photo: Shetland Sheep Wool Colours

An interesting extract from Wikipedia about the colours and patterns of Shetland Sheep:

“Shetland sheep can show almost all possible sheep colours and patterns (some of which are still being catalogued), although solid white and solid moorit (reddish-brown) or black are most common. Many of the colours and patterns have Shetland dialect names – these derive from the Norn language formerly spoken in Shetland, and similar names are also used in […] Icelandic.

Eleven main colours are recognised by the breed association (most including many different shades): light grey, grey, white, emsket (dusky bluish-grey), musket (light greyish-brown), shaela (dark steely-grey), black, fawn, moorit (reddish brown), mioget (honey-toned, yellowish-brown), and dark brown.”



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