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Sumburgh Head Puffins (2)

Photo: Sumburgh Head Puffins (2)

I took a spin down to Sumburgh Head today to have a look at the puffins. Coincidentally it was an RSPB open day and the place was dotted with friendly RSPB chaps with spotting scopes telling visitors about the birds. I snapped these two puffins on the clifftop about 3m away, whilst I was only a few paces from the road. Sumburgh Head has to be up there in the world premier league of accessible seabird colonies.

You’ll be glad to know I passed all my exams fine and that I’m now looking forward to the graduation later in the month… and to ordering myself a nice Canon telephoto lens as a reward! (Likely the 400mm f5.6L prime, though I gave serious consideration to the 100-400mm f5.6L IS.)


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