David Gifford Photography

Tall Ships at Morrison Dock

Tall ships at Morrison Dock in Lerwick Harbour on Thursday evening, with revellers at the left-hand side of the photo enjoying the entertainment at the Holmsgarth stage. Enlarging the full-resolution version of the photo, the ships visible from left to right are:

  1. Capitan Miranda (Urugauyan Navy, Schooner)
  2. Zénobe Gramme (Belgian Royal Navy, Bermuda Ketch)
  3. Saeftinghe (Belgian, Ketch)
  4. Boy Leslie (Norwegian, Gaff Ketch)
  5. Valentine (Norwegian, Gaff Schooner)
  6. James Cook (UK, Ketch)
  7. Atlantica (Swedish, Gaff Ketch)
  8. Fryderyk Chopin (Polish, Brig)
  9. Roald Amundsen (German, Brig)
  10. Bima Suci (Indonesian Navy, Barque)
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