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The Lodberrie

Photo: The Lodberrie

Another well-known and oft-photographed building on Lerwick’s waterfront is The Lodberrie, built in 1772. ‘Lodberrie’ in Shetland refers to a type of 18th-century house, built with its foundations in the sea, and combining pier, courtyard, store and dwelling-house (* John J Graham’s Shetland Dictionary).

The Lodberrie is now famous as the fictional home of Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez in Ann Cleeve’s Shetland series of novels and TV adaptation.

To the left of the photo is Commercial Street, along which secret cellars and underground tunnels were used to smuggle contraband away from the prying eyes of customs officers.

At the right of the photo is the Dim Riv, an imaginative reconstruction of an old Norse galley. The ship is run and crewed by volunteers, who offer trips around the harbour in summer, giving people a chance to sail on a Viking longship.


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