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The New Obs

Photo: The New Obs

Just back from an excellent weekend in Fair Isle, staying in the new Fair Isle Bird Observatory Lodge. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous visit two years ago to the old obs. The new building has the same friendly atmosphere, great food and hospitality, but with the added benefits of a modern build including en-suite bedrooms and spacious common areas.

Fair Isle is Britain's most remote inhabited island, located 24 miles south-west of the Shetland mainland. Had planned to travel in on the ferry, but (fortunately) it was cancelled as a gale had whipped up a stormy sea. The plane next day was much quicker and the turbulent landing only made the experience more memorable!

I was pleased to meet crime-novelist Ann Cleeves on the flight. Her 'Shetland Quartet' novels get great reviews. I'm particularly looking forward to reading the fourth book which is set in Fair Isle.

The purpose of the trip was of course to take photos, especially of the migrant birds passing through at this time of year. As it turned out, it was rarer migrants / vagrants which provided the best photo opportunities. I'll be posting a few pics over the next week or so...

(Zuiko OM 24mm/2.8 MC @ f8)


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