David Gifford Photography


A ruined crofthouse in a sheltered valley.

The image is scanned from a film negative, which I developed at home using caffenol - a concoction of coffee, vitamin-C, washing soda, and iodized table salt!

I’ve been playing with film recently for fun, and to experiment with different aesthetics and camera formats.

I chose to use caffenol for a few reasons:

  • I didn’t care to deal with handling and disposing of the toxic and environmentally unfriendly chemicals involved with other film developers.
  • I wasn’t expecting to process a lot of film, so it was handy to be able to store the ingredients dry (most liquid film developers, with some exceptions, have a short shelf-life).
  • It sounded unusual.

For an introduction to caffenol I’d recommend checking out the The Caffenol Cookbook.

The particular recipe I’ve been using is Caffenol-C-H-UK by Daniel Berrangé.

This photo was taken on Ilford FP4 film using a Fuji GW690 III camera (6x9 negative).

Image #1139